14 Reasons Why You Should Totally Date A Tom Boy

10:00 am 20 Jul, 2015

Dating a girly girl is too mainstream. If you don’t want the usual melodrama, unwanted fights, long phone bills and a peaceful life, you should definitely date a tom boy. She is your bro and your ho at the same time. If you are still confused, here’re 10 reasons why you should totally date a tom boy!

1. What’s better than playing video games with your girlfriend!

She is sure to give you a tough fight!


2. You don’t need to spend hours of talking just for the sake of it.

She is not interested in talking about random things like some girly girls do. So be happy because less phone bills!!


3. She won’t mind wearing your t-shirts or shorts! You guys can share clothes. #BaatneSePyaarBadhtaHai.


4. She is not into watching Ekta Kapoor serials or any serial probably. So you are lucky as you won’t have to handle any melodrama. Thank God!


5. She won’t force you to watch any romantic movie as she herself is not that interested in it.


6. You can play any sport together!! Get ready for the real game!


7. Since she is into sports, she is sure to have great stamina. (If you know what I mean :P)


8. She would never mind hanging out with your guy friends.


9. You won’t feel insecure, and even if you do at times, she knows how to handle it.


10. She can fire back with equally strong swear words and you can actually be your real self in front of her.


11. She is low maintenance usually so less time is taken in getting ready for dates!


12. She is not worried about the new fashion trends. She herself is a trendsetter!


13. Short hair is best.


14. Even though she behaves and looks like a guy she will always be your girl!



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