14 Reasons Why You Should Date A Guy Like Joey Tribbiani

6:00 pm 14 Jul, 2015

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to date a guy like Joey from Friends? He is the complete package who made millions of girls fall for him. He is hot, he has the best pick-up lines, he knows exactly how to surprise you and make your day, kid at heart and he is there for you whenever you need him. So here’re 14 reasons why you should date a guy like Joey Tribbiani.

1. A guy who loves food, what’s better than that?


2. Someone who can crack jokes immediately, do you need more?


3. Imagine your man being so handsome a date that no one can miss him!


4. Someone who makes you feel comfortable in seconds with his witty conversation. After all it’s all about the talks!


5. He is great at sex. Sone pe suhaga!


6. He can entertain you with the best pick-up lines. Actor advantages.


7. He has the best friends who will always be there!


8. “How you doing?” in a sexy way is a gift from god!


9. He is a kid at heart. Very few men have that quality.


10. He will not take things too seriously. Some questions haunting you in other relationships will never be asked by him!



11. He has a knack to solve problems. Why fear when Joey is here? Although they are a little kiddish!


12. He will surprise you in the best ways possible. He is an ideal boyfriend.


13. No one can match his storytelling skills. Remember the ‘backpacking in Europe’ story?


14. No one can match his style. How you doing?



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