15 Reasons Why You Need To Cuddle Puppies Right Away!

10:00 am 22 May, 2015

It’s an undeniable truth that puppies are the cutest animals on earth and moreover even cuter than humans. You just can’t get over those puppy eyes, even if you try to. Your love for animals just reaches the peak level when you see a puppy and you just can’t resist but cuddle them right away. So here’s 15 reasons why puppies are irresistibly cute!

1. They simply look like a fluffy ball of love.

Puppies are so cute and loving that they resemble a fluffy ball of love that you can’t stop cuddling because they love you back the same way or even more than the way you love them.


2. They are harmless.

They may try to bite your fingers but since they are toothless within the first 2-3 weeks, they are completely harmless and its extremely cute.


3. They are always excited to see you!

They get attached to you even at such an initial stage. You will always find them excited as soon as they see you as they love you so much and probably you are their best friend and if you own a puppy, you are their life.


4. Kisses overloaded!

They are experts in expressing their unconditional love. They’ll kiss you, lick you, play with you and love you to the moon and back….


5. Those puppy eyes are worth melting for…

You just can’t stop admiring those puppy eyes which they make especially when they want something from you. Those puppy eyes which can get anything done…


6. They are like your baby..!

You would just want to carry them everywhere like your baby since they are that cute and equally loving. Taking care of them and cuddling them is sure to be one of your hobbies.


7. Cuddling increases your lifespan!

Yes! It is proven that kissing and cuddling increases your lifespan and what better than cuddling an extremely cute puppy!!


8. Those cute little paws and that million dollar smile. Priceless, nothing can be compared to that.


9. They are tiny and adorable nothing can beat them.


10. If you are low, go give a hug to that little thing, trust me all your worries will fly away immediately.


11. Dogs understand you. They will know when you are sad. When you are happy. A little can make a huge difference.


12. Your girlfriend might leave you, your mother might be upset with you, but this creature will always wait for you, no matter what happens.


13. When they rest on your chest while you are sleeping, nothing can be as precious as this.


14. The first thing and last thing in the morning they do is come to you. In this hectic life who cares about you? Yes, there is someone to confine in.


15. You become more patient and lovable after being with them.




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