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20 Reasons Why We Can Hate Our Extended Family

Published on 3 February, 2016 at 10:00 am By

When you look around in India, people is what you find a plenty. There are people, people everywhere. The horror of this scenario is that most of them are a part of our extended families whom most of us hate. Why do we hate them? Let’s check it out.



1. No matter what is happening in your life, you have to stay at home to be with your extended family when they visit.


2. Nasty relatives hug you as though you are a teddy bear without any fragile inner organs.


3. They are always trying to arrange marriages without caring for people’s likes or dislikes.


4. No matter what diet you are on, you are expected to eat their lardy, oily and greasy food.


5. If you earn more, they expect you to lend money and buy gifts. If you earn less, you are looked down upon and insulted.


6. You have to suffer silently when their children ransack your home.



7. Gifts, gifts and gifts for your extended family all the time.


8. First they bother you with your marks, next your children’s and then your grandchildren’s.


9. They collect information about every right soulmate … oops … money mate you should spend your life with.


10. No matter which country you work in, they are sure that electronic gadgets are cheaper over there.


11. Every child is tormented by the eternal mystery question:

Extended family


12. They know all the ways to underhandedly discourage you.


13. It looks as though they never expected you to have proper growth:


14. At times they treat you like an unpaid help…or maybe they paid you in your pichla janam (previous birth).


15. Nothing you wear is ever appreciated.


16. Every time you refuse food because you are full, it leads to a lot of drama.


17. You have to talk to your relatives whenever they call.


18. They touch on topics you wish they wouldn’t.


19. They never seem to leave.


20. They are lying in wait to laugh at your every blunder.


So next time you see a person from your extended family…just run!



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