Why Vineet Kumar Singh Is The Real ‘Mukkabaaz’ Of Bollywood

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4:06 pm 11 Jan, 2018

In the deluded era of nepotism, casting couch and star power, where does a common man with a fine talent go? He definitely cannot go to the fancy parties of star kids where the lead cast of the big-budget films is causally decided.  He cannot go to the moneyed producers who can only give him a two-minute invisible side-role as they believe in money over art. And he certainly cannot go back home where his dreams will be shattered.

What choices does he have? Unfortunately or fortunately, he has only one paintra left i.e to fight. To fight this heavily-armed brigade of Bollywood and win for himself. And this is what the actor par excellence, Vineet Kumar Singh, did.



Vineet Singh came to the dream city, Mumbai, back in 2000, but his fate changed only in 2012 when he went on to meet Anurag Kashyap and he cast him in his classic ‘Gangs Of Wasseypur’.



Those twelve years for Vineet were, unarguably,  the toughest times of his life. During his long years of struggle, he dedicatedly worked on his craft and his first due came when the role of Danish Khan in ‘GOW’ was critically-acclaimed. He played a wise, rebellious son of Sardar Singh with so much finesse that we wished that his role was long enough. We longed to see more of him.


The scene in which he beats Nawaz after Sardar Singh’s death completely stood out.


After ‘GOW’, Vineet knew that he can survive inside this dicey boxing ring of Bollywood and Anurag Kashyap saw that too. Thus, he cast him, again, in his thriller ‘Ugly’. Undoubtedly, this film uncovered the magnitude of Vineet’s potential as an actor. His intense jail scene with Rahul Bhat where he aggressively justifies his innocence was certainly the high point of the movie. That very scene put him in the best league of actors we have today.

His flawless performance was a raging punch to everyone who had rejected him in his ten years of struggle.



And, then Vineet found a special place in the hearts of the audience with his short film, ‘Murabba’. His act was emotional, moving and real, to say the least.



After a fair amount of success, the struggle was not quite over for the tireless Vineet. He now aspired to play impactful lead roles but things didn’t fall into place. He then took another road and plunged into writing, and wrote the story of ‘Mukkabaaz’. He beautifully created the character of Shivran Singh and once again, Kashyap became his savior and directed the film.



Isn’t the life of Vineet Kumar similar to a Mukkabaaz who is ready to give it all in the ring? Hell, yes! From being a doctor to playing a lead role in an Anurag Kashyap’s film, his extraordinary journey is no less than a dream. More so, he is an amazing inspiration to everyone who is passionately longing to become an actor but has lost all hope in the city of dreams.



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