14 Reasons Why Rachael Green Will Make You Fall In Love With Her

10:00 am 11 Jul, 2015

She is the complete package of hotness, beauty and brains. She can amuse you with her witty replies and impress you with her style and attitude. At the same time she is emotional and understanding too. She is the ideal girlfriend and a friend everyone would love to have. So here are 14 reasons why Rachael Green will make you fall in love with her.

1. Her presence of mind and her ability to make quick decisions is laudable.


2. Her witty replies cannot be matched. Remember Ross’ face after her answers?


3. Of course when we talk about Rachael how can we miss her fashion sense?  Totally trendy!


4. You have to admit this, Rachael Green is hot, very hot!


5. Making guys fall for her is no big deal for her!


6. She is emotional and caring. Remember “Oh…sweetie”


7. She is not scared of anyone or anything. Whether living independently or raising a child single-handedly.


8. She makes decisions and stands with them firmly.


9. She gets embarrassed at times just like us but she knows very well how to cover up!


10. The way she carries herself. It may be her cool pajamas or the best office look – she knows how to showcase herself in front of people.


11. She has skills which will impress at the first meeting itself!


12. She has a star aura. Thinking about her makes you feel good.


13. Rachael’s got an excellent taste in men. Her choices have always been best. From Ross to Tad, all were drool-worthy!


14. She is understanding – and she is always there for her friends!




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