23 Reasons Why Pets Can Brighten Our Lives

10:00 am 17 Nov, 2015


1. Only pets know how to give unconditional and uncomplicated love.


2. They never give you unwanted advice.


3. A wagging tail or murmuring purr can reassure you that everything is going to be OK.


4. Though pets cannot smile, they have the power to bring a smile to your face.



5. Studies show that petting a dog can reduce blood pressure.


6. People who own pets are known to live longer than those who don’t.


7. Pets make you release oxytocin which helps make you feel happy.


8. Horses are known to build core strength, body awareness and muscle memory in their riders, especially helpful for those with disabilities.


9. People with pets are more likely to get exercise.

Rightly said, “Walk a hound, lose a pound!”


10. Pet owners are more likely to connect with other people and become sociable.


11. With their play hard, nap hard, eat hard and enjoy the moment attitude, they make you feel the importance of living in the now.


12. With pets around, you learn to enjoy the simple things in your life.


13. No one can greet you with the excitement of a pet when you were gone for just two minutes.


14. They can lend you a shoulder to cry on and lick your tears when you feel down.


15. They provide you companionship, driving away loneliness.


16. Your pet can understand your moods better than a qualified shrink.


17. There is no withdrawing into a shell if you have pets around.


18. You can never sing or dance bad in front of your pet.


19. You don’t have to do things you don’t want to do just to impress your pets.


20. They love you for just who you are.


21. They provide you with a soft, furry cuddle or snuggle whenever needed without complaining about having a headache.


22. Pets stick with you through thick and thin unlike people who are shadows – following you in the light and deserting you in the dark.


23. They brighten your days just by being crazy themselves.



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