Why Olympic Players Bite Their Medals Instead Of Kissing Them?

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6:01 pm 23 Aug, 2016

Isn’t it bizarre how athletes at Olympics are never seen kissing their medals but rather biting them whenever they pose for a picture?


Turns out, there is a reason behind it.

The gold medals are not exactly made of gold. Since 1912 Olympics, pure solid gold medals were discontinued and gold medals started getting made of 494g of silver and 6g of gold. Biting into soft medal would leave bite marks on the medal whereas if it’s a gold-plated medal, the gold on the surface might scrape off.



Basically, the act of biting medal has become a historical tradition to check if they are in for a good deal. Photographers usually insist players to pose like that- even if that means chipping off one’s tooth like David Moeller did!





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