14 Reasons Why Kangana Ranaut Is Awesome

6:00 pm 5 Jun, 2015

Kangana Ranaut is the super sensation in Bollywood. When you first saw her in ‘Gangster’ she seemed to be just another pretty face, with some acting talent. But the full measure of her acting prowess was still to be displayed. And, today, she is The Acting Force of the Hindi film industry. She has been one of the few female actors who have played roles with versatility and has been awesome time and again.

1. Kangana is the new One-Woman Army in B-town.

Just glide through her recent career graph. Most of her movies have been women-centric and she has played all of those with elegance!


2. Yes! she was amazing in ‘Queen’, but do you know she even wrote dialogues for it?


3. When you thought you had seen her best, out came ‘Revolver Rani’.


4. If her fashion statement is something to go by, she beats 90 per cent of her contemporaries hands down.


5. She turned down a Rs.2 crore endorsement deal for a fairness cream just to abide by her principles. WOAH!

She defines natural beauty like no other.


6. She is as candid one can get in an interview when it comes to her professional life. Personal questions? Stay away please.

She has been bold and loud about her struggles and how Bollywood has always been male-centred. And she has won a lot of hearts.


7. Her acting prowess was on full display in ‘Fashion’, for which she fittingly won a National Award.

She was in a supporting role.

8. The fact that she has climbed up the ladder of success without a Godfather, mother, brother, uncle or anyone for that matter speaks volumes.


9. She is the ‘Queen’ of versatility. From a gangster’s love interest to a helpless woman in a foreign country!


10. How many actresses have tried a double role and fared well? Except Hema Malini? Yes, she just did it here:


11. Amidst the competition, who has the guts to try bold, risky and versatile roles, huh?

Only Kangana.


That’s how she ‘shooos’ her haters, with elegance.

12. When people made fun of her accent, she remained silent and then silenced them within 50 seconds.



Watch this video; you’ll start loving Kangana if you don’t!

13. When the biggest guns of Bollywood shower praises on you, you know you’ve reached the top.


14. And last but not the least, when your contemporaries shower you with praises, you are as awesome as anyone can get.


Well, we will be seeing more of Kangana Ranaut in the years to come. Having completed a course in scriptwriting, we should expect a to see a film written by her.


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