12 Reasons Why Hot Girls Don’t Have Boyfriends

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10:00 am 9 Nov, 2015


The world is constantly reminding a hot girl about how beautiful she is. And she has heard this since she reached the age of 18 or sometime before that. But the realism is that hot girls don’t have boyfriends. Is this a matter of luck? Or the game of time? Well, we have thought of some reasons why hot girls don’t have boyfriends.


1. Because most of the time they are picky and want a guy who is well-read, handsome, financially successful and so on.

They keep sizing up men according to their financial success in life.



2. Most of the time, they keep doubting men’s intentions.

Who knows, he might start loving you for the wrong reasons.


3. They are waiting for the prefect gentleman who would appreciate their hearts and not looks.


4. They know that people assume that if you love a hot and beautiful girl, she will always end up breaking your heart.


5. In the current social set-ups, it is always the douchebags who try to pick up hot girls.

Or rather I would say they are always in search of hot girls just to play the game of ‘love’.

6. By adulthood, hot girls are fed-up of other’s thinking and assumptions over their looks.

Generally, guys assume they already have boyfriends.


7. Sometime they feel they are just objects for men and they don’t want to risk getting into a mess.


8. The world likes to believe that all beautiful girls lack in the intellectual department.

They are often thought of as dumb.


9. Unlike everyone else, these girls know what they like and what they love in life.

Sometimes, a hot girl does not want to be taken up.


10. Hot girls believe that love shouldn’t see the size of the waist; it should start with body acceptance.


11. They might fear losing their virginity to someone who does not deserve them.


12. Of course, she might just want the world to drool over her and enjoy life as a single woman.



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