Why Blame Indian Parliamentarians? This US Congressman Has Done The ‘Yuckiest’ Thing Possible

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11:00 pm 14 May, 2014


US Representative for Florida’s 26th congressional district, Joe Garcia, was perhaps too unmindful of what he was doing else he would not have done that, at least not en camera. But don’t worry; he didn’t do anything to be suspended from the floor. In fact his actions can only elicit a round of laughter and a collective “yuck” at the same time. Can you imagine a US Congressman picking his ear and then…proceed to eat the wax? Rep. Garcia (right, in this video) can and he does that during a House Judiciary Committee markup on May 7, 2014. And we thought only Indian parliamentarians hold the doctorate in doing silly things.


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Credit: Rising Response via YouTube channel.

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