10 Reasons Why All Movies Are Released Only On Fridays

3:53 pm 22 Mar, 2018


Have you ever wondered why Friday is the chosen day of the week for all your favourite movies? Well, there are a lot of reasons behind it. It’s much more than everyone being happier than usual because it’s a weekend – you get a whole of options from the latest new movie releases! A majority of movies in Bollywood release on a Friday and there are many interesting theories behind it. Read on and see if these theories will leave you surprised or not:



1. It’s a known fact that the concept of releasing Bollywood movies on Fridays comes from Hollywood, when it released Gone With The Wind on 15th December, 1939.




2. However, the trend of releasing movies on a Friday didn’t start in India until Mughal-E-Azam was released on August 5, 1960, a Friday. So we ended up adopting the British/American legacy after all, in the late 1960s.



3. According to Hinduism, Friday is the day of Goddess Lakshmi, Goddess of wealth. So it is a belief in the film industry that releasing a movie on Friday will bring wealth. Hence, most producers organise muharat shots of a movie for superstitious/natural belief on Fridays.


Madhu Chopra At Muhurat Of For The Upcoming Marathi Movie Firebrand on 8th Jan 2018 Hamara Photos


4. Since there was no color television before the early 50s, movies continued to be strategically released on Friday to make up for half-days on Fridays – owing to informal norms in small scale industries in Mumbai.



5. Did you know that the screening rates in PVRs and multiplexes are least on Fridays, so it provides them with an economical advantage to release movies on Fridays. This commercial aspect makes screening fee that producers have to pay to multiplex owners, much lower than other days than Friday!



6. Friday used to be pay-day for people with weekly wages, and thus the best time to get money out for a new flick!



7. There are consecutive weekends following Friday, so a reasonable gamble for huge box office turnouts can be expected in theatres! Often we feel exhausted after a week’s work and a good movie over the weekend means time for those Pringles!



8. Often the turnover of audiences is more when released in Friday rather than weekdays. It’s the last week day for most of the working professionals so it will generate them huge money in a Friday release, than any other day. It’s simple – Weekend ->Holidays->Free People-> More people watch movie – > More collection -> Film is a success!!!



9. If a movie releases on Monday, for the first 3 days it will make only 20 -30 lakhs. But if the movie releases on a Friday, for the first 3 days, it will make a couple of crores!!!



10. It’s simple – in India, the tradition of waking up early on the weekends doesn’t even exist! It starts from Friday night as the following day (Saturday) is a holiday and people would not have to worry about getting up late the next day. It’s time for that couch and popcorn fills!




Now it’s clear that Friday is not just another random day, but an important day for film producers. How many of you like to watch the first-day-first-show on Friday? Tell us in the comments.