You Won’t Believe Who Is Responsible For Making Shah Rukh Khan A Star

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9:06 pm 14 Nov, 2016

Shah Rukh Khan or known Bollywood King Khan is said to be a self-made man. That’s true but in a recent talk show, Khan revealed how actually he owes his career to.

It’s not what are you thinking-Karan Johar, Yash Raj Chopra and others not in the list. So, who is it?

Shockingly, Armaan Kohli is responsible for making Shah Rukh a star.

According to the 51-year-old actor, Armaan Kohli was the first choice for his 1992 debut release Deewana. However, he quit after shooting the first schedule.

He told hosts Ritesh and Sajid,”Armaan Kohli is responsible for me being a star. He featured on the Deewana poster with late Divya Bharti. I still have that poster. Thank you for making me a star.”


Well, the secret is out now. But, it’s still hard to believe.


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