This Innocent White Guy Wore A ‘BC’ T-Shirt. When Asked Why, He Gave A Response Which Made Indians LOL

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5:10 pm 1 Nov, 2017


Woman as girlfriends are adorable, they will love you to the moon and back, take care of your needs, and will do anything for your happiness but when they become exes, they become brutal and the story of this white guy is a proof. A Twitter handle posted a pic of a white guy wearing a t-shirt with ‘benc***’ written on it. He gave an unbelievable answer when asked if he knows the meaning of the word that’s written on his shirt.


A Twitter user who posted the image, claims to have asked the man whether he knew what the word on his T-shirt means.

Here’s the tweet:

Many must be feeling sorry for the innocent man but his picture has already gone viral on the internet. Needless to say, many Indians on Twitter are losing their shit.

Here’s how people are reacting to the tweet:













Moral of the story: Never Trust Your Ex!

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