Here Is Why Beds In Every Hotel Room Are Covered With White Bed Sheets

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5:03 pm 25 May, 2018


Have you ever wondered why every hotel that you step in, be it big or small, have got a standard white colour bed sheet?


Well, there are five main reasons behind this global trend and no it is not because of fashion.

1) One feels relaxed and at ease


The colour white is considered soothing to eyes and is said to make a person feel relaxed. It is also found that people find themselves more at peace looking at colour white than any other colour. Thus to make a person feel calm hotels use white sheets than any other colour.

2) Easy to spot when they are dirty



The fact that bedsheets are white makes it much easier to spot when they get dirty and thus easier for hotel staff and guests to know that they need to be changed.

3) White bedsheets are easy to bleach


The biggest advantage that hotels get from having white bedsheets is that they are easier to bleach if any guest stains them. Bleaching these sheets (and even hotel towels) not only gets the stains out but also kills are the germs that are present there.

4) Colour white keeps stress away


While we told you above that colour white brings one peace. Psychologists also say that it keeps stress away from the person. Thus looking at the fact that people often travel or go on holidays to overcome stress, white bed sheets,  in this way, make people feel good and help them distresses.

5) Bonus special reason


Till 1990s hotels used colorful bedsheets in the hotels to please guests. They believed that they were easy to maintain because the stains in it were hidden and guests would thus not get offended by it. But then in late 1980s designers of Westin Hotels did a research on what a luxury bed means for a guest and found out that for the well-being and hygiene of the guests, white sheets are the best solution. Thus started the trend of white bed sheets which was soon adopted by almost all the hotels in the world.

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