17 Situations Girls Experience When They Start Working In Their Early 20s

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6:49 pm 6 Feb, 2016

Your life and mind is filled with a lot of new and enthusiastic feelings when you start working in your early 20s. But along with the vibrant feelings, there are many other things you face. When you are a guy, people expect you to earn as early as possible but when it comes to girls, things are totally the opposite. There is nothing bad if you have decided to work in your early 20s. There might be no reason for you to work but you still want to because you are just craving to be independent!

And this decision makes you face many situations you had never thought of:

1. Your dad wants you to study more. Not because you will get a better job; rather, a better rishta will come for you!



2. Your mum thinks you should learn household chores because they are more important than earning.



3. Your younger siblings are constantly jealous of you because you are earning and you have freedom.



4. The elder ones become more protective because every other person in your office can molest you or your boss can be a flirt.


5. That stupid, wrinkled aunty thinks your family is making you earn because they are facing financial troubles.



6. Your dad wants you to be a government servant and hence, wants you to prepare for exams rather than start working.



7. For your relatives, having a job means that you are settled and should get married now.



8. At your workplace nobody takes you seriously because you are too young for them.



9. Your seniors think you are too stupid to understand office culture and hence, make you do their work.



10. You have not learnt diplomacy yet. Hence, your blunt nature gets you caught in office politics every now and then.



11. Sometimes you miss your school and college days and then think of going back to studies.



12. Then the feeling of being independent and having a bank balance stops you from doing so.



13. Being surrounded by oldies makes you realize how young you are!



14. Your point of view is way different from the others at your workplace because of the age gap.



15. It feels damn cool to be young but still have a recognized post.



16. Your are the only working member of your friends group and hence, everyone wants you to pay just because you earn.



17. Your mind constantly craves success, promotion, appraisal and what not.


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