10 Things To Do When The Clock Strikes 12 On 31st December

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10:00 am 29 Dec, 2015


New Year’s Eve is here and there is one thing we plan each year for the same, i.e. the first thing we would do when the New Year begins. We all want the beginning of a New Year to be perfect and special. Here is a list of the interesting things you can do when the clock strikes 12 on 31st December:


1. Kiss someone

So that’s the most obvious and desirable thing one wants to do at midnight when the New Year begins. If you have someone special by your side while the world welcomes 2016, do not hesitate to share it with a warm gesture like this one.



2. Eat sweets!

Sweets mean celebrations. There cannot be a better way to celebrate the joy of new beginnings than having a large bite of your favorite sweet.


3. Give a free hug

If you are at a party on New Year’s Eve, you can hug someone to share the happiness of the incoming new hopes attached to the onset of a New Year. Go on! Hugs cost nothing!


4. Take a deep breath

Breathing the freshness of a wonderful beginning to a great year would not only fill your senses with positivity but also give a boost to your energies so you can strive for greater heights in the year to come.


5. Look back at the past year

It is only when you reflect on your past actions and experiences that you learn and grow to become a better person. Take the first moment of the New Year to look back at your past and make probable anticipations about the year to come.


6. Make a call

We all try to make calls to our loved ones as soon as the clock strikes 12 on 31st December. Though, most of the times the network gets congested, yet, this turns out to be the most prompt thing done by a major part of the population.


7. Say, “I love you”

Most of us celebrate the incoming New Year with our loved ones. This New Year’s Eve, tell them how much you love them and spend the initial moments of the year making someone feel happy and special.


8. Drink a Tequila shot

This one is for party freaks. Welcome 2016 with fun and frolic even if it means getting a little more tipsy than usual. If you’re outside, make sure you have a designated driver before you try this.


9. Kiss the sky

If you are celebrating New Year’s Eve alone at home, come out of your room at midnight and kiss the sky for the wonderful time it gave you under its shadow till now.


10. Tweet

Wishing a Happy New Year to friends, family and colleagues all together at midnight becomes quite difficult. This does not mean that you have to postpone your wishes until morning. Sending a simple and sweet tweet, wishing all your loved ones on social media, would be more heart warming than delaying the spread of joy.



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