18 Times She Gave You The Hint But You Just Didn’t Get It, Boy!

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Updated on 3 Dec, 2017 at 4:04 pm


Boys are from Mars, girls are from Venus.
As cliched as it may sound, it’s the truth. We can’t live with them, we can’t live without them. And just sometimes, sometimes, we feel like punching them right on their face and say, “How can you be SO stupid?”

They all have been ranting about how complicated we girls are. So here, I break it to you. We are not really that complicated. Just learn to read between the lines!

Following a thread on Reddit, I asked a bunch of my girlfriends about the infinite times their subtle flirting hints went wrong. Read on to know what we all think about awarding a double whammy to all the guys for being really stupid.

1. “I am so bored with my life. I’ll have nothing to do tomorrow..”


Yes, boy. She wanted you to ask her out.


2. “I really wanna see that movie! But none of my friends want to see it.”

Ask her to the movie, idiot!


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3. “I would love to eat at XYZ restaurant!”

With YOU!


4. “I don’t really flirt much. But if he does and I like him, I’ll be smiling at him.”

No, she won’t be smiling if you are a “friend”. Mostly, we don’t like leading on our friends. So if we smile at your cheesy line, take it as a yes !


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5. “I am quite a clumsy person and I trip a LOT (especially when I’m drunk!) and there was this guy who was putting up with me the whole evening. Next day we were talking about it and he said, “You can count on me all the times when you feel clumsy”, to which I said, “Which is always”. I wonder if he got the hint.”

She’s asking you to be the backbone in her life. It’s SO obvious!


6. “I think I am looking for someone new. I need to get over this ass.”

So, if not-a-very-close-friend who just broke up says that, she’s very much interested in you. It might be just a rebound relationship, but she is definitely interested.


7. “She will be quite nervous and be acting all giddy and being really stupid frankly. Even when you know she’s not. She will be making cute mistakes. My boyfriend and I go back to school and I had such a big crush on him that I am sure I’d have never been able to answer 2+2 even!”

She’s nervous because she really does not want to disappoint you. Understand !


8. “Cute subtle touch, or when I try to irritate him, or hit him. All I want is some attention. But he never seems to get it. He hits me back harder. REALLY?”

Pay attention. Rule number 1.


9. “I think girls compliment guys quite rarely. So If I say I liked that black shirt on you or you looked hot that day…I guess I am very much interested! Bonus, if you find me quipping about your patience, kindness and all those aspects.”

It can be a bit dicey too. Compliments for obvious appearance changes, like your hairstyle or your beard, can be noticed by a friend too. If her compliments seem not-so-effortless, she’s dropping the hint, Boy!


10. “I know it really freaks them out, but, if we really like them, we will not divulge a lot of details. We just don’t, we cannot.”

Hard to decode for sure! But, yes, we won’t be uprightly straightforward about everything. We like taking it slow and also because we are nervous, Man!


11. “If I want to text him all the time, but I am not, I am interested. I mean we might be texting one person 24×7, being our quirky self, but that really doesn’t mean I like him.”

I know it’s unfair, but it’s mostly because this other friend hasn’t shown much interest in me yet. Or if he did, he was too late. Any way, for you, I WANT to text you all the time. But I am not. Because I am unsure if YOU want to. Simple. No?


12. “He puts really silly jokes out there. But I don’t know why, I just laugh SO hard on them. I know it’s not at all funny, it’s not making any sense whatsoever, but I am still laughing like an idiot!”

If this happens with her, its pretty much evident. Not much if you really DO have a good sense of humor and you make everyone laugh; including your sister!


13. “If we have a mutual friend and she is totally playing a matchmaker, it is too obvious.”

Girls love it. They love setting up people and if her friend is dropping you hints like Z needs a good guy in her life, it is pretty much true. Z needs YOU.


14. “If we are not playing a matchmaker to him, that too is pretty obvious.”

For sure! She’s keeping you for herself, dumb-ass!


15.” When I say something like, “Hey that girl in your picture looks so pretty, what’s up?” That DOES NOT mean that I want you two together. Or that I have put you in the friend zone. Or that I would be setting you two up.”

Yes, yes. It does not. It means that you need to say, “Oh, but she’s just a friend. Nothing can happen.”
Or something like: “Oh, she has a boyfriend”. But don’t you add “I wish she did not”.


16. “Talking of accidental texting, it is bound to happen. “I know, I told her…Oh, I am sorry. Wrong window.” I don’t know why girls do this but they do. It’s like we want to text, but we don’t want to be the first ones to say a ‘Hi’.”

Now this is something very common in teenage years when it’s actually a big deal to text first. Though we would really like it if you too accidentally text us sometimes. Thank You!


17. “So, once I told my crush that there’s a girl who REALLY likes him. He started rattling off the names randomly: “Oh, Kavya, the one with pretty eyes? Or is it Tanya? She always talks to me.” He continued this for long till the time we lost contact. Like obviously I would. He is such a bummer. Six months later, he realized his perpetual stupidity. Wow!”

I read this somewhere and I couldn’t stop myself from including it. Guys, really?


18. “I don’t do subtlety. I will be direct. Hey, I like you, wanna go out?”

Kudos to that, if that’s your style! I think that’s what they want. But hey, don’t you call us ‘easy’ then!




“So you’re telling me that at the New Year’s party when that girl sat next to me all night, made me drinks, laughed at my stupid jokes, asked if I was dating anyone and then stood next to me at midnight, I probably should have gone for the kiss?
You know writing it out like that makes me feel really stupid.”



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