This Is What Exactly Happened When Sanjay Dutt Met His BFF ‘Kamli’ Outside The Jail

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6:59 pm 6 Jul, 2018


One of the best things that filmmaker Rajkumar Hirani ever did is making Sanjay Dutt’s biopic Sanju. The movie is doing wonders at the box office. More importantly, it’s Ranbir Kapoor who lived up to everyone’s expectations and played that actor’s character with utmost honesty. Apart from Ranbir, there are many talented artists in the film because of whom the movie has become a great success. One of those is Vicky Kaushal who has played the role of the actor’s best friend Kamli.

Kamli’s character is among the most important ones who showed Sanju Baba the right path. He helped the actor to give up his addiction, tried to bring his lost love back, and even tolerated all the chaos he created. However, a misunderstanding tore their bond.



There are scenes in the movie that brought tears to our eyes. Sanju made people know the dark past of the actor, it also helped them to know the reality behind rumors that went viral after the 1993 bomb blasts. Within five days of its release, the movie is about to enter the 200 crore club. Among the many highlights from the movie, it’s the loyal friendship of Kamli and Sanju that has touched everyone’s heart.

The last scene in which Ranbir walks out of the prison and meets his best friend is too emotional. Isn’t it? Ever wondered what exactly happened in reality?

Kamli’s character is inspired by the actor’s real-life friend Paresh. When Paresh met Sanjay outside the jail they hugged each other like they hadn’t hugged for years.




Here’s what actually happened when the actor met his BFF Paresh after staying in the jail for the longest time.



Isn’t Baba’s friendship with Paresh is an inspiration for all of us? Staying beside your friend in bad times and becoming his/her’s pillar of strength is something that the duo has taught us in the movie. Don’t you think so?