13 Things Every Man Must Stop Doing Once He Finds His Lady Love

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10:00 am 22 Nov, 2015


There are a few things which every man enjoys doing as a bachelor, but should immediately stop doing once he realizes he has found his lady love. Have a look at some of the things:


1. No jealousy whatsoever

Jealousy can be a sign of insecurity which generally rises due to bad past experience or broken trust. Once you are deeply in love with someone, getting jealous for insignificant things can hurt your relationship.



2. You should stop playing games with your partner to know how much she loves you.


3. Once you get into a relationship, make sure you are not practicing dirty habits.

Girls take hygiene very seriously and your first concern should be how you smell.


4. Every woman loves to act like a princess but, as a partner, having many or high expectations can be disastrous.


5. If you think you are too loud and aggressive, then this is the perfect time and perfect reason to give up your belligerent habits.


6. It is fairly safe to say, “I am fine” sometimes, but most of the time, you must speak your mind and heart to her.

Holding a lot of emotion at one time can hurt your relationship.


7. Girls never prefer boys who keep bad mouthing their ex-girlfriends.

So, you can always accept this as your bitter past but never express it in terms of bad words.


8. On a general note, a play station or a computer can be a man’s best friend, but once you find your love you will have to give up on all those gadgets.

Women hate them!


9. Stop painting out always that you are a NICE guy.

In real talks, she will preferably think you are nothing more than just a show off.


10. Comparison in relationship is a strict NO-NO.

Stop telling her, “You are like…”.


11. Women surely understand the part where men value freedom, but roaming all day in your boxers is what they hate.

Women don’t expect you to roam around in house wearing oddly designed cloths.


12. Of course, stop trying to impress other girls at a party!

She wants your eyes on her and hands around her waist.


13. Stop forcing her to have sex!

Everything is special for women, even sex. And if she doesn’t want to have sex, don’t push it.



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