7 Things Most Indians Do When Their Guests Leave

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Updated on 26 Nov, 2015 at 5:45 pm


Now that we are in the festive season, we know how it feels when we have guests every alternate day. Don’t get me wrong, I love people. The warm whispers, aromatic delicacies and the tinkling glasses – it is wonderful! But sometimes, just sometimes, it gets a little too much. And I am sorry, but when you leave, I heave a sigh of relief!

1. First things first – snack on!

A comprehensive tasting palette of all thing served – the dry fruits, the motichoor laddu, the rolls and the biscuits too. Oh, I didnt even know we have biscuits at home!

2. Lounge like them

I don’t know what’s the fun behind sitting on the sofas like you are your own guest exactly a second after they leave. Are we doing a were-they-comfortable test?

3. Get comfy


We SIGH so loudly, fall on the sofa, put our feet up on the table and chill like a badass as if we had been issued some serious behavior protocol. Well, my mother had!

4. Unwrap the gifts

Isn’t this the most exciting, mysterious and judgmental moment? Fiddling with the sticky tapes and golden wrapper, we bring out the hero or zero, as it is most of the times. This is a lot like the moment of an orthodox Indian family which waits in anticipation and the Ah! and Oh! depends on if it’s a boy or a girl.

5. Deciding an occasion to pass on the gift

So in case there was an ‘Oh! It’s a girl’ moment, we will talk about all the upcoming events. We have to pass this yet-another-plastic-bowl on to someone else.

6. Judge them

The gifts they got us already half-validated their importance in our lives. Moving on to the way that Aunty was on a diet when she refused the third laddoo and the way her accent was as fake as her Chanel bag, it’s a pretty intensive discussion with observations from all and obnoxious side-glances from Dad.


7. Thank God

Literally. After those few hours of buzzing chatter, I thank god for a nuclear family foremost. The silence I usually call ‘boring’, turns into peace. The appreciation for my family goes another level after a few unpleasant encounters. My family is the best!!



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