19 Things Girls Learn When They Slip From Their 20s To Their 30s

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9:00 pm 9 Oct, 2015

Turning thirty is not a curse as beauty grows with age. But yes, girls tend to get a bit more conscious of their appearance and relationship status. Not that it should make a difference, but here is a list of things that girls in their 30s face. Every age has its share of perks and shortcomings. Some worry too much about the shortcomings and others are too happy with the perks of it.

So, girls enjoy this post, laugh over it if you are in your 30s and for those in your 20s be prepared for what’s in store.

1. A reality check that you are no longer in your 20s

2. If you are still single, people think there’s something seriously wrong with you.

3. You might start noticing those grey hairs and start worrying.

4. Back pains, weight gains, sore feet and what not. Pain seems to become inevitable.

5. If you are married your Facebook updates are more of your kids.

6. If you aren’t married your timeline is flooded with friend’s updates of their kids.

7. Your best buddy is your mobile phone that you spend maximum time with.

8. You can no longer pretend to be in your 20s.

9. And if someone thinks you look like in your 20s, you feel exhilarated.


10. Shopping means buying grocery items and bargaining.

11. You plan to work out but never do so.

12. Or you are the one who excessively sweats out at the gym.

13. You realize you have become more of an agony aunt when people call for your help.

14. Wrinkle creams, concealers, or sun screens, become your regular companion.

15. Your 20s dresses don’t fit you anymore.

16. Even if you fit in them, they appear old fashioned.

17. If you slip into current fashion trends, it appears you are trying too hard.

18. You jump on sales, coupons and offers.

19. You are given long speeches on how time is running out and you should marry and have a baby.



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