12 Feelings You Go Through When Your Family Is On Facebook

10:00 am 4 Jul, 2015

Family time is awesome time. But facebook time & family time is never good at anytime. Having your family as your facebook friends can sometimes be a pain in your arse! Be it the incessant poking or the unwanted comments. Nothing seems to be in the right balance. It’s always in excess and it is irritating.

Here’s what you go through when your family is on facebook!

1. Think before you like your posts. Coz if ‘XYZ likes this’ shows on your family timeline, boy you are screwed.

If you end up liking a hot girl’s selfie, you get hit not only by your girlfriend, your family is right the line. Also, if you like something dirty, boy you are screwed.


2. Posting a photo with a girl? ‘Papa kya bolege’

Photo pe likes aaye na aaye, papa ki ‘daant’ aur ‘laat’ pakka aaegi. Who’s this girl? Girlfriend haan. This never stops!


3. Friends tag you in ‘unwanted’ photos? ‘Hide from timeline’ Remove tag. NOW!

You always feel the danger of being tagged in unwanted photos. You take the precaution, ‘Bhai, Facebook pe maat dalna.’ But if tagged, you are ready with your fast action relief.


4. Pirate kings and Candy crush requests are forever.

Friends also play, yes. But 75% always comes from our preceding generation and it is irritating!


5. If not friends, family is always there to tag you in embarrassing photos.

Hide from timeline & report now! And the photos are really, really embarrassing.


6. If photos weren’t enough, the comments are always waiting for you.

They just cannot refrain from commenting on our photos & statuses, can they? Also comments without smileys? Are you’ll like aliens?


7. We think before liking our posts, they don’t! You end up seeing their embarrassing likes.

They like all the useless and unwanted stuffs they get across on Facebook and we have to face the wrath of it!


8. They post incessant amount of photos.

The photos are useless, unwanted and irritating just like their comments. They post so so so many photos regarding everything they do!


9. Oh, one fine day you block them. And begins the frequent, ‘block kyu kiya’ taunts.

Blocking is your last resort. You think. But that’s not all. You always face the ‘block kyu kiya’ taunts.


10. You cannot ‘Check in’ on Facebook, coz who tells the exact truth at home.

Coz’ there is a ‘jasoos’ at every nook and corner. You check in and there goes the direct news to your mother about where you have been!


11. ‘Beta, khana khalo’ is temporary, ‘Beta, unblock karo na’ is permanent.

Umm, speechless. Modern day family talks.


12. Tagging you in all their DP’s and cover photos is always compulsory.

Sharad Pawar with Kalmadi and 200 others. Best way to get likes!




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