What WhatsApp’s New Security Update Means And How It Will Help Users

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5:33 pm 6 Apr, 2016


Smartphone application WhatsApp’s security has been upgraded with a new end-to-end encryption.

What end-to-end encryption does is that it changes one’s message into an electronic ​information or ​signals and converts it to a ​jumbled ​code composed of a series of ​letters, ​numbers and/or ​symbols to protect it from snooping.

While the news was welcomed by many, for a layman it is hard to understand what this means and what it implies.



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What it implies is that once the message has been encrypted, the only people who can read it are those who send it and those who it has been sent to.




With this, any third party who will try to hack the number and/or try to read the message will not be able to do so. Even WhatsApp guys itself will not be able to decrypt it even if they want to.

The move has been taken at a time when privacy and security have become growing concerns for many. People all over the world are worried that their private data, if not secured by such end-to-end encryption, would be easily available for government agencies and hackers to see and misuse.

The news about the feature was broken by WhatsApp co-founder Jan Koum on his Facebook page, in which he stated that it took him and the company nearly two years to develop it.


Now every message that is sent via WhatsApp, be it texts, files, videos or even calls, will be completely safe and not accessible to any third-party.

The feature would soon be launched across all platforms – iOS, Android, Blackberry, and Windows.




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