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5 WhatsApp Web Tricks That Will Make Your Life Super Easy

Published on 13 December, 2018 at 11:00 am By

If you are not already aware of the existence of the desktop version of WhatsApp messenger WhatsApp web which allows you to use WhatsApp on a computer without installing any software, it is high time that you should. Especially if you are someone who needs to type long messages or works mostly on computers. Naturally, a desktop version will make your life easy. was launched on January 2015 and it is simply an extension of the messenger installed on your phone and here are five WhatsApp web tricks that will make things even easier for you.


If you are already familiar with WhatsApp web, you can scroll down to the end of this article to read the WhatsApp web tricks. However, if you are not familiar with it, here’s how it works and why you should try it.


How to log in



To use the desktop version of the messenger, you need to go to where you’ll see a QR code. Now, open your WhatsApp messenger on phone, click on the three vertical dots on the top right corner of the app and select the option WhatsApp web. Hold the phone in front of the QR code to let the phone camera scan the code. Once the scanning is done, you are all set to use the desktop version. The instructions to log in are also available when you visit the URL.


The advantages of WhatsApp web




1. The biggest advantage of using WhatsApp web is that you can type really fast because of the bigger keyboard and have a better messaging experience because of the bigger screen.

2. You can actually view the images and videos received without downloading them first and thus save space on your phone or avoid the hassle of deleting the unnecessary downloaded files later.

3. As mentioned above, to use WhatsApp on a computer, you don’t need to install any kind of software or extension.

4. You don’t need to shuffle between computer and phone just to use WhatsApp while working on a computer.

5. You can continue to use WhatsApp while putting the phone on charge if you are low on battery but need to use WhatsApp at the same time.

6. It is very convenient if you are using WhatsApp web to copy-paste and send long texts from computers comparing to mobile as almost all the keyboard shortcuts. The best part is it works both in Windows and iOS


Limitations of WhatsApp web



1. The biggest limitation that the desktop version of the messenger has is that it cannot work independently. Your phone should be switched on and have access to the internet to keep the desktop version working. Since you cannot log in without your phone, you cannot access your account remotely if you ever forget to carry your phone and want to use WhatsApp on the desktop.

2. While you can receive and send texts as well as media files using the web version, you but cannot make phone calls or video calls using it.


Word of caution


Once logged in, you need to log out from the desktop version of the app. If you forget and the computer in which your account is logged in is used by others, they can access your entire WhatsApp conversations. However, there is an option for you to remotely log out from the desktop by using your app installed on your phone.


Five WhatsApp web tricks

Now is the time to take you through the tricks that will help you in taking the best advantage of this technology. Are you ready?


1. Always stay updated

If you are using WhatsApp web on Google Chrome, you can download an open-sourced free extension called WAToolkit. WAToolkit adds an icon on the right corner of the toolbar that shows you your WhatsApp notifications even when you have closed the WhatsApp tab. It keeps you logged in all the time in the background. Whenever you want to view the messages, you just need to click on the icon and a new WhatsApp tab will open. Also, it increases the length of the text bubbles, accommodating long texts in fewer lines.



2. The trick to control audio

Another interesting Chrome extension that can be of use is Zapp. It facilitates you to have more control over the audio files and voice notes sent or received via WhatsApp. With the help of this, you can increase or decrease the volume of the audio as well as change speed of the files.



3. Multiple accounts

You can actually use more than one WhatsApp account by using incognito modes of the browsers or just using different browsers. Apart from that, if you don’t want to go incognito and don’t have another browser, you can simply visit which is a proxy of and can use two accounts simultaneously.



4. Quick way to find emoji

A very quick way to find proper emojis in WhatsApp web is to type a colon (:) followed by the letters of the emotions you want to convey and you will get suggestions of the emojis. For instance, you will get these suggestions if you type this :thu


Whatsapp web emojis


5. Easy file transfer

You can use messenger on phone and desktop version simultaneously to transfer files quickly from your phone to computer or vice-versa. To do this, you can create a group in which you are the only member (it can be done by first adding at least another person on the group and then removing the person once the group is created) and send media files to that group. Now, open the group on the desktop version and download the files on the computer.



So, which among these Whatsapp web trick are you going to use first? Do you have any hack to suggest? Our comments section is open for you.


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