A Glitch In Whatsapp For One Hour Made Users Go Crazy. Did You Feel That?

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7:03 pm 3 Nov, 2017


WhatsApp was hit by a major outage on November 3 morning, preventing crore of people around the world from using the world’s most popular messaging app.

Though chats and contacts were able to load, the service was not able to make connection. When a user tried to use the chat, the app just showed a “connecting” message that never resolves itself. The outage was witnessed across Europe, India, Pakistan, Singapore and Iraq.


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The non-working of WhatsApp became the top trending item on Twitter in different countries. Facebook, which bought WhatsApp in 2014, is currently the company responsible for WhatsApp operations. Unlike other large social networks, WhatsApp doesn’t maintain a page to give users information when the site is down.

The application has over 1 billion daily active users and out of this, the Indian figure stands at around 200 million.



At 3pm IST, WhatsApp started working again, it still showed an error message even to users who are able to send/ receive messages.

This appears to be the third major disruption of the year. In August, the service was affected across the world. In May, the Facebook-owned service suffered an outage twice within two weeks, one of which lasted several hours.


As usual, thousands took to Twitter to express their dismay at the interruption to their social lives.



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