19 Signs That Show You’re Addicted To WhatsApp

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4:00 pm 17 May, 2015

Aren’t we too busy on our phones to realize who’s sitting next to us? More than convenience, smartphones have become an obsession for us, such that the mere thought of life without your mobile is unimaginable. To add on to this are the apps, especially WhatsApp which has become a major reason for our addiction with our phones. Are you addicted too? If you find any of the following symptoms you sure are.

1. You get angry because your friend didn’t add you in her group.


2. You behave ‘quite strangely’ when you can’t find your phone.


3. And when you do find it, you behave like this.


4. You check your phone even in the middle of the night for messages.


5. You can just go on writing a message without even looking at your phone.


6. You desperately wait for replies from your friends.


7. You change your status and profile pic every second.


8. You keep a tab on everyone’s statuses and profile pictures.


9. You feel the urge to reply to a message the minute you receive it.


10. You find it difficult to leave a group which spams you with message after message.


11. Your language includes more of ‘I’ll WhatsApp you’ or ‘WhatsApp Me’.


12. Buying a new phone is dependent on whether it supports WhatsApp or not.


13. You become a WhatsApp stalker by checking ‘Last Seen’ time and date of your friends.


14. You have a collection to weird videos like these.


15. Your photo library is bombarded with Good Morning & Good Night images.


16. You are inseparable from your phone and if you lose it you feel it is the end of the world.


17. The minute your phone lands in your parent’s hands you get crazy.


18. When you give more importance to your phone than people.


19. When WhatsApp doesn’t work, you get hysterical.




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