What’s In A Name, You Say? Just Ask The Indian Film Industry

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6:01 pm 1 Jul, 2016


Some members of the Indian film fraternity have always had a problem with the moniker “Bollywood”. It’s understandable, their discomfort. It gives me the heebie jeebies, and I’ve got about as much to do with the film industry as Goga Kapoor does with NASA!

no bolly


In an interview with the BBC Asian Network’s, Haroon Rashid, Priyanka Chopra talked about how she hates the term “Bollywood” because it makes the Indian film industry seem like a spoof of Hollywood.


And now, Subhash Ghai is asking actors and the media to refrain from calling the Indian film industry “Bollywood”. He suggests the name “Hindi Film Industry” instead.



As heartfelt as his appeal may be, there is NO WAY in hell anyone’s going to listen to him. This is the age of JLos and Kjos and Saifeenas, for crying out loud! Nobody’s switching to a longer nickname. Not when they choose to write der and dat and gr8, they aren’t! But, I’ll give you points for trying, Mr. Ghai!



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