Everything Your Favorite Drink Says About You

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5:57 pm 16 Mar, 2016


Are you suave, fun or just plain crazy? Here’s what your drink says about you:


You consider every day an important occasion and choose to celebrate it. You don’t have time for mundane things or people. You stand above the crowd, literally and otherwise. You aren’t the sort who’d be right in the thick of things. You would much rather find a quiet spot from which to look down upon the crowds while you celebrate you.



You are a straightforward, no-nonsense kind of person, rather like your drink. You like things straight up. You aren’t one to dilute the harsh, bitter stuff. You take things in your stride and come out the other side quite unruffled.



You have a love-hate relationship with your life and with yourself. You drink wine to celebrate the highs in your life and sometimes end up chastising yourself for the what ifs and maybes. You like nursing a glass of wine and talking late into the night, while your glass keeps getting magically refilled by some engrossed listener or other.



You’re easygoing and generally happy. You have your bad days like everyone else, but you’re generally satisfied with how your day went and how your life’s turning out. You aren’t fussy. You work hard and play harder still.




You like your alcohol to do its job — leave you batshit crazy drunk and completely out of control. You put the animal in party animal.



You like getting drunk and getting drunk fast. You guzzle one rum-and-coke after the other and before you know it, you’re high as a kite, partying it up, dancing like a demon has possessed you. Your high is quick and makes its presence felt.



There’s a reason why the most widely known vodka cocktail is called the Screwdriver. Down a few of these and your hormones sit up and beg. Drink enough Screwdrivers and you’ll turn into a horny toad, hoping for some princess/prince, whichever floats your boat (wink wink!) to come along and kiss you. Or hell, do way more than that.



You like the finer things in life and don’t give a fuck about what anyone thinks. You don’t down hard liquor just to put on airs. You’d much rather drink things that taste good as opposed to things that may look cool but only end up setting your esophagus on fire. You are brave. Because it takes courage to hold a fancy cocktail glass in a room full of beer bottles, whiskey glasses and judgmental stares.