Cars You Lust After, And What They Say About You

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7:05 pm 17 Mar, 2016


We’ve all had these dreams of owning and/or driving flashy cars like the ones James Bond drives or the ones in the ‘Fast and Furious’ movies. Here’s what your dream car says about you:

The Camaro

You are a teenager stuck in a grown up body. You keep hoping your car will transform into an alien being. Almost as much as you hope someone like Megan Fox will ride along beside you some day. Hahahaha!


The Mini Cooper

You have secret dreams of pulling off the perfect heist and living in a mansion on a beach on the island you own. Having Charlize Theron/Mark Wahlberg along for the ride wouldn’t hurt, either.


The Beetle

You like quaint things if your dream car is what is popularly known as The Bug. You dream of taking solo road trips and finding adventure along the way. You may even secretly hope to be a lost fairytale hero who will some day save a magical kingdom.


The Bat Mobile

This one’s easy! You dream of being super-fucking rich and also have something of a saviour complex. You grew up watching ‘Night Hawk’ and ‘Knight Rider’ and have always wanted to fight crime in dark alleys.


Batman’s Tumbler


You have pretty much the same dreams as the people who dream of owning the Bat mobile. Except, your dream car can turn into an uber-cool superbike, too!


The Hippie Mobile

You are a dreamer and you long for a life free from the shackles of marriage, a job, responsibility and such like. You dream of hitting the road and never quite settling — for anything or anyone. You wish to wander wherever the wind takes you. You are, as the name of the car suggests, a hippie at heart.


The Luxury Sedan

Your ego is kinda out of control. Or well, let’s just say, you dream of a nice big car so there’s enough room for both you and your inflated sense of self. You want to be a fat cat and live like one, too.


The Open Jeep

You’re probably the garden variety Bollywood gunda types who sees himself as some kind of 21st century Indiana Jones.


The Station Wagon/Tata Nano

If either of these monstrosities is your dream car I have only two things to say to you. One, this is what one would classify as a nightmare, not a dream. Two, kill yourself! Your life is already over. There’s really no point lumbering along when this is the best you can dream of. Plus, you probably already have a death wish, since one of these cars is completely obsolete and follows no safety guidelines, and the other tends to spontaneously combust. My sympathies. Really!