You Won’t Believe What Rishi Kapoor Did For The Sake Of Ranbir Kapoor’s Career. Know Here

2:30 pm 26 Jul, 2018


When it comes to opinion, Bollywood surely has a list of celebs who aren’t afraid of speaking their heart out, or what they feel. Amongst those, one such obvious name is of veteran actor Rishi Kapoor. Rishi Kapoor is an actor who is not only famous for his acting skills and major accomplishments in the world of cinema but is indeed famous for speaking fearlessly and openly too. There are ample instances to support the aforementioned.


For instance, remember the time when he made headlines by stating that director Anurag Basu didn’t show ‘Jagga Jasoos‘ to his son Ranbir Kapoor a day before its release, despite Ranbir being the co-producer? Also, who can forget how he fearlessly stated that famous music composer Pritam had sent the music of ‘Jagga Jasoos’ just a week before it was scheduled to hit the theaters.


In a recent interview, the ‘Saawariya‘ star Ranbir Kapoor mentioned that he felt bad for Pritam Chakraborty and Anurag Basu who had to face his father’s anger. Ranbir stated that his father is just concerned about him and gave a beautiful instance to support the same. The incident goes back to 2006.



he time when Rajkumar Hirani was on the top of his game. With his phenomenal directorial ‘Lage Raho Munna Bhai‘, he had proved that he had the skills to be in the list of ace Bollywood directors. Call it fate or something, one day, by chance Rishi had the opportunity to meet with Hirani’s mother.


What Rishi Kapoor did next will surely amaze you!

He fell on her feet as he complimented Rajkumar Hirani. He even expressed his wish that Ranbir gets an opportunity to work with her son. What happened next was beyond imagination. Ranbir got an opportunity to finally work with Rajkumar Hirani in his 2014 film ‘PK‘ which was absolutely hit at the box office. Though it was a cameo, seeing Ranbir in the film was not at all disappointing! The film was very well received by the audiences and also bagged much critical acclaim.


Wait, the best part is yet to come. Ranbir Kapoor got an opportunity to work with the ace director, and this time it’s the super hit film ‘Sanju‘ in which Ranbir Kapoor played the lead.  Well, speaking of Sanju, the movie is based on the controversial life of Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt. The film has performed well at the box office.


Apparently, it seems that Rishi is just like any other parent who is concerned and protective of his child! But then again, people who speak their mind are often misunderstood.