11 Things Indian Parents Must Teach Their Children, Instead Of ‘Sanskaars’

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10:00 am 1 May, 2015


1. To tell the ‘good’ elder from the ‘evil’.

Unfortunately, the number of child abuses in the nation are increasing at an alarming rate and in 90% of the cases, the perpetrators are from the child’s family or neighborhood.


2. To know themselves and their body.

Because it’s the best to learn at home, before discovering awkwardness elsewhere.



3. To do away with menstrual taboos.

In fact boys should be taught as much as the girls regarding the functioning of female anatomy and menstruation to ensure a healthier and superstitions/myth free future ahead.


4. Martial arts

Self protection is more crucial than technical skills in contemporary India.


5. To practice safe sex.

Nothing is more embarrassing for Indians than discussing sex with families, but family is where bursting taboos should begin.


6. Not to be judgmental.

And know ones limits.


7. The freedom of choices.

Be it about academic stream, career or partners.


8. To cook

Not to boost one’s marriage resume, but to be independent when it comes to surviving all by oneself! And yes, to both sons and daughters.


9. To drive

Yet another self sufficiency skill, necessary for both the genders.


10. Basic banking and taking care of finances.

Budget planning and money matters are boring but they are a necessary evil of survival skills.

11. And ultimately to stop taking the phrase ‘log kya kahenge’ seriously.

Kyunki, ‘kuch toh log kahenge, logo ka kam hain kehna’!



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