What If Military Service Is Made Compulsory In India?

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2:14 pm 28 Dec, 2013

Why can’t we fight for the country we live in, and serve it in times of warfare? Making military service mandatory is a great opportunity to promote a feeling of equality in the youth and old men alike. It is a time tested method to make boys into men and make them responsible.

The army is facing a shortage of 14,000 officers and 3000 officers have applied for premature retirement. The army is not attracting the youth as their first choice of career. Here are some points that will make them re-think their whole attitude towards joining the forces. Some advantages of joining the forces are:

7. Physical conditioning

Mandatory service in the armed forces for some time will make the youth stronger in the body and the mind. It will make them disciplined citizens with a direction in life. They will learn to lead a disciplined life of cleanliness, etiquettes, and mannerisms.

What If Military Service Is Made Compulsory In India?

6. Respectful

Joining the forces will make the youth more respectful towards authority and teach them the basic manners they are lacking nowadays. They will also get to know about what is happening in the world and how world affairs affect us. They will learn to respect freedom and values of other nations.

What If Military Service Is Made Compulsory In India?

5. Short Service Commission

It should be mandatory for all men and women with a cut off level of IQ and physical fitness. Short service commission for five years should be compulsory, so that all can imbibe the defense lifestyle and have a better understanding of their life expectations. After finishing the tenure they can decide whether to continue or change their career.

What If Military Service Is Made Compulsory In India?

4. Opportunity for higher education

The defense forces offer many opportunities for higher education. Compulsory training should be introduced after graduation, for a minimum period of 6 months. After training, a candidate should be given the choice to join the forces or take up any social welfare projects. This will provide the forces with trained volunteers and they in turn will get priceless experience that can be added to their resume. The army has a time tested method of identifying talent and providing every opportunity in the world for it to blossom. The army also provides for boarding, food, other allowances for the officer and his family, besides a handsome salary, too.

What If Military Service Is Made Compulsory In India?

3. Healthy citizens

All around us lifestyles of people are going from worse to worst, especially when we talk about health. With the military draft it will be compulsory for citizens to get into shape, eat well and have a good quality life. As a result, mentally sound citizens will be less inclined towards crime and they will also be able to defend themselves against it. People would be educated about living a good healthy life and in turn will make the nation prosper.

What If Military Service Is Made Compulsory In India?

2. Patriotism and Gen Next

The younger generation will know their rights and feel a sense of ownership towards the nation. They will learn to fight for what is right and not take any injustice lying down. They have more respect and compassion for fellow citizens and become more mature as individuals. They learn the basic rules of grooming, punctuality and respecting authority.

What If Military Service Is Made Compulsory In India?

1. Bigger picture

In a terrorist attack, citizens will be able to defend themselves and not be dependent on the armed forces to come and rescue them.  They will be able to take charge and find a solution faster. They will be better voters and be able to take a sound decision in deciding their representative. As they will have better understanding of their countries problems, a country that comprises of healthy, trained citizens is less likely to be a soft target for any invading nation.

What If Military Service Is Made Compulsory In India?


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