What Happens When Body Unites With Blank Canvas? This

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Updated on 19 Jan, 2018 at 4:41 pm


Here is a Heather Hansen, a New Orleans-based artist who literally immerses herself in her work. In her project, “Emptied Gestures,” Hansen creates art the likes of which you’ve never seen before. The process appears simple, yet has an unfathomable depth. Heather is a dancer, painter and sculptor. Exhibitions of her work have been held around the world.

It begins with a huge blank paper and a yogi-like posture.

Heather Hansen (1)

A piece of charcoal in hand and flight of fancy.

Heather Hansen (2)

Body stretches over the white canvas.

Heather Hansen (3)

Charcoal floats with her over the canvas.

Heather Hansen (5)

An artistic movement sometimes overshadows the art itself.


Heather Hansen (6)

Hansen’s goal is to “match her heartbeat with the beat of the universe.”

Heather Hansen (7)

Her emotions, as she draws, are visible in the form of the work she produces.

Heather Hansen (12)

Hansen uses her body as a paintbrush and charcoal as the paint to create masterpieces.

Heather Hansen (13)

Each of her work compels one to explore the gray areas of the mind.

Heather Hansen (16)

To know more about Heather Hansen and her works, please visit her official website.