7 Things To Do Before You ‘Do It’: What Every Girl Should Know About Sex

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Updated on 2 Sep, 2017 at 10:48 am

1. Before you declare your love for one another, declare your medical history. Know that the many hours you spend making googly eyes at each other will be much better spent being honest about your sexual history.


2. Tell your partner that the first thing you want from him/her is a clean bill of health. Start with a clean slate. Get tested.


3. Insist on protection. Before things start getting hot and heavy, make sure he’s carrying protection. Many people will claim to love you to the moon and back. Sadly, it takes more than love to make that trip to the pharmacy. It takes respect. Insist upon it.


4. Carry protection. Sexually transmitted diseases are no joke. And people usually aren’t upfront about them, anyway. Condoms will save you from unspeakable horrors. Walk into a pharmacy and buy them. Loud and proud. It isn’t for nothing that they say, ‘Better safe than sorry’.


5. In case of any mishap during sex (like, the condom breaking, or some such), stop immediately. Live to fuck another day. Get tested right away. Desist from sexual activity of the bodily fluid exchange kind with anyone till your results give you the go ahead.


6. Find out about ‘fluid bonding’. Talk about it with your partner. The exchange of bodily fluids can open up a Pandora’s Box of sexually transmitted diseases. Be honest; be clear about what it is you want out of your sexual encounter. It’s an important decision, this. Be picky. Be very picky about who you fluid bond with.


7. Create an open environment that encourages honest conversation about the importance of having safe sex. Get informed and pass the information along to anyone you can.