Do You Know What These Numbers Written On Side Of The Train Means?

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8:08 pm 18 Jan, 2018


We all have traveled via trains at least at one point in our lives and while the journey itself might or might not be memorable for many they understand that trains in India act as a lifeline for the entire country.


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Reaching almost every corner of the country, trains have easily become one of the most favored modes of transportation in India and is only growing day by day.

While one might not travel via train on a regular basis, we all at one point in our lives have noticed the number written on the side of the train compartments and also in front of the train engines.


While to many these numbers might not make sense, these digits have a special purpose and have a special sequence behind them.

While you might not be able to figure out these sequences just by looking at them, let us tell you what these numbers indicate.


The sequence that starts with 0 are special trains like the ones that run on the occasion of Holi or Deepawali.

The sequence that starts with 1 are AC trains and the ones that start with number 2 are long-distance trains.


The trains that start with number 3 are urban trains that start at Kolkata junction.

Similarly, trains that start with number 4 run in Chennai, New Delhi, Secunderabad and other major metro cities.


Trains that start with number 5 are conventional passenger trains, with number 6 are MEMU trains, number 7 are DEMU and Railcar service, number 8 tells about the reserved position of the train and 9 are Mumbai’s suburban trains.


So whenever you travel next keep these number in mind and have a very happy and safe journey.