What Do The Moles On The Body Say About Your Partner?

6:22 pm 29 Oct, 2018


Have you ever given a thought about what do moles on you and your partner’s body depict. Several interpretations of ancient inscriptions hint that moles and their placement on bodies have deep meaning and significance. Although they are attributed as a beauty sign, shastras speak of otherwise. Just like astrology, there is study behind moles on different parts of your body.

Based on their shapes and sizes, each mole has different indications related to our destiny, like love, relationship, marriage, character, family, career, etc. Although these are just theories and assumptions, people often believe in them. So let’s tell you about the moles and what do they say about your partners.




Moles on forehead

If you have a mole on your forehead, then it signifies that you are strong, but not so on the marriage front. Your spouse would be faithful, but there might be lack of love from both the sides.



Mole on Chin

This position of a mole indicates that your partner may not be as affectionate and romantic as you are. Fidelity will also be an issue.



Mole on Cheek

A person, who has a mole on the right cheek will have a lot of love in their relationship. Those who have a mole on their left cheek must be cautious about their partner, as there are chances of them cheating.



Mole on Arm

People, who have moles on their right arm are lucky. Their partner remains truly loyal and showers them with irreplaceable love. A mole on the left arm indicates a troublesome marriage.




Mole on Eye

A mole on the right eye is an indication that the person would be truly and deeply loved by their spouse and a mole on the left eye indicates consistent marital conflicts between the couple.



Moles on the lower lip

You love romance and you tend to get a sexually charged up partner. The mole on the lower lip also indicates that your partner will very beautiful.





Now, you know what does a mole say about your partner. Check out the body now and find out the mole and the hidden the meaning behind.

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