13 Reasons Which Distinguish Mumbai From Other Cities

Updated on 23 Jun, 2015 at 5:45 pm


Accept it or not, Mumbai is India’s best city. The urban lifestyle, the open-mindedness, the ‘maratha’ culture, and the cosmopolitan identity define Mumbai. We have inspirational stories at the hook of every crook. There’s something special about this city that charms you, attracts you, mesmerizes you. Well yes!

Here’s what distinguishes Mumbai from other cities.

1. We have the most accepting lot of people. You’ll never feel a new comer for more than a while. So humble.

2. The sea always comes to our rescue. The calmness soothes us and imparts us the strength.

3. Mumbai is the fusion of various cultures and religions. The melting pot of cultures.

4. Here, ‘Vada pav’ beats McDonalds.

5. Can any city even come close to our vibrant and happening nightlife?

6. You can always enjoy free massage in our lifeline — our ‘locals.’ #IfYouKnowWhatIMean

7. Here, the perfect balance of urbanization and tranquility co-exists.

8. ‘United we stand’. Be it the rain or terror attacks.

9. Bollywood calls Mumbai its home.

10. Because Mumbai featured among the world’s 15 best cities to live and work in.

11. We certainly know how to celebrate festivals, any festival.

12. There may not be many museums and art exhibitions but Mumbai boasts of the best art festival in our country, ‘The Kala Ghoda Art Festival.’

13. We boast of the best Irani cafés in India.

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