What Your Favorite Color Says About You

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12:00 pm 25 Mar, 2016

They say handsome is as handsome does. Meh! I say crazy is as crazy does! Anyway, everything you do and everything you say, the car you drive and the drink you like, the shape of your face and the way you sleep, everything says something about you. Given that Holi madness is still in the air, and far too many people will show up to work/college with pink ears and hands and such like, here’s a look at what your favorite color says about you:



You are efficient, sophisticated and emotionally stable. You are also dominating, sometimes cold and can be driven to cruelty.



You lean towards spirituality. You are honest and true. You are sometimes introverted, and sometimes decadent.



You are warm, and strong. You are a physical being. You can sometimes be demanding and aggressive.



You are intelligent, trusting, and you keep a cool head. You can sometimes be a bit too cold and unfriendly.



You are a nurturing, warm, loving person. You sometimes limit yourself because of your inhibitions.



You are optimistic, confident, friendly, and creative. In your darker moments you tend to be immature, irrational, depressed and/or scared.



You are a peaceful, balanced person. On the flip side, you can sometimes be boring and umm, bland.



You’re a composed, neutral person. And that is pretty much the nicest thing about you. You tend to lack confidence and can be quite the wet blanket.



You are a simple, efficient person. You can sometimes be unfriendly and elitist.



You are a serious, warm, reliable person. You can sometimes be a heavy, humorless presence.



You are an easygoing person. You like being the center of attention. Your flamboyance can sometimes make people run in the opposite direction.




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