Scientist Claims Western Societies Will Give Up Drinking Alcohol Within A Generation

4:53 pm 18 Dec, 2017


Do you ever think or believe that the world will one day give up drinking alcohol, or alcohol will disappear from this world? Well, according to a leading scientist pioneering a safer alternative, alcohol could practically disappear from Western countries within a generation.

Imperial College Professor and former government drugs adviser David Nutt believes that ‘alcosynth’ molecules, which mimic the pleasurable effects of alcohol but are not toxic, have the power to transform public health around the world.


Drugs scientist

Professor David Nutt. independent

According to reports, Professor David Nutt has claimed that Western societies will give up drinking alcohol within a generation. He is also reportedly said to have claimed that tobacco and cigarettes will also disappear in the same way in the Western world within a decade.


“In another 10 or 20 years, Western societies won’t drink alcohol except on rare occasions.”

“Alcosynth will become the preferred drink, in the same way that I can see – almost within a decade now in the Western world – tobacco and cigarettes will disappear as they’re replaced by electronic cigarettes.”


Professor David Nutt is pioneering a healthy alternative to alcohol through his venture Alcarelle. While much of the attention surrounding his venture has focused on the promise of low-calorie and hangover-free drinking sessions, Nutt reportedly told that the greatest benefits were far more profound.


Alcarelle has identified a handful of synthetic substances that can be used as alcosynth, whittled down from a field of almost 100. The venture is hoping to raise £7m to bring the product to market.

According to IBTimes UK, Nutt said, “If there’s less intoxication then there will be less violence on the street, less vomiting and less unpleasantness in our city centers. There are some people that want to get intoxicated so they can just fight or be ‘out of it’, but most people want to drink alcohol to enjoy the experience, though inevitably alcohol harms them.”


Giving up smoking or alcohol is something many people are often not willing or able to do. But genuine alternatives, which eliminate or greatly reduce risk, are a natural development.

According to the World Health Organisation’s latest figures, alcohol was responsible for 3.3 million deaths worldwide in 2012 – more than half the number of smokers who perished as a result of their habit. Professor Nutt also said that alcohol kills more than malaria, meningitis, tuberculosis and dengue fever put together.


Wouldn’t it be really fantastic if we could replace alcohol with something that led to almost no deaths?

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