14 Weirdest Thoughts That Come To My Mind When I Poop

Updated on 23 Aug, 2018 at 8:07 pm


It’s the time of the day that belongs solely, entirely and exclusively to me. It a time for awakenings, for flashbacks, for revelations and sometimes, for rigorous brainstorming that even the biggest of board meetings can just not facilitate. The brain just seems to function at a higher level at the loo. So here are some poop thoughts that I could not get anywhere else but commode:


1.  Wow! The inventors of the trousers were so intelligent.



2.  Yaar, gonna start studying from today. Definitely!



3.  No wait. I can get the notes mini xeroxed just as easily.



4.  I think I can become slim if I poop enough this time.


I poop enough this time

Yes I can do this imgur


5.  I would’ve written the best next Harry Potter book.



6.  If terrorists attack the building while I’m in here, I need a plan on how to save everybody.



7.  What if some snake crawls in from below!!




8.  Is that how it’s supposed to look?



9. Damn, I could’ve been the next Indian Idol, or the Roadie, or the Prime Minister.



10. Anyways, let’s practice that speech I would have given after becoming any of the above.



11. And I need to impress that girl now. Starting thinking of good jokes Mr. Brain.



12. What if we are all inside a comic book? What if that’s the secret of the universe?



13. If somebody’s watching, they’ll definitely choose me to be a superhero.



14. And lastly, sometimes we wonder why do Americans not use water.