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15 Weirdest Sexual Fetishes That Will Make Yours Appear Less Embarrassing

Published on 13 August, 2018 at 10:30 am By

We all have sexual fantasies but there are some who have the weirdest sexual fetishes. Where most of us have kinky fantasies like doing a role-play or maybe make-out in a public place,there are some wird ones out there that will leave you shocked. We can never know what a person wants in bed or what his sexual desires are but these weirdest sexual fetishes will make it hard for you not to judge the person who has such a desire in the first place.


Let’s have a look at 15 such weirdest sexual fetishes or disorders of people from all over the world. Prepare to be amazed as well as cringed.

1. Vorarephilia

While most of us are repelled or even scared by the idea of cannibalistic behavior, people with this sexual fetish are turned on by the idea of being eaten by someone or even by eating someone. The people with such a fetish are termed as ‘


2. Cuckolding / Cuckoldry

Where for most people adultery is a deal-breaker for their relationships, it is not so for some at least. People with this kind of sexual fetish are aroused when they observe their partner having sex with another man or woman.


3. Omorashi

This one has got to be one of the most weird sexual fetishes, not to mention quite appalling too. People with such a fetish are aroused by the act of their partners wetting themselves. Yes, they actually get turned on by a full bladder and some even go to the extent of asking their partners to pee on them.



4. Teratophilia

Under this fetish, people are aroused or attracted to people with physical deformities. While it may draw empathy from most people, deformity is definitely a weird thing to get aroused or attracted by.


5. Coprophilia / Scatophilia

If you thought ‘peeing on someone’ was a weird sexual fetish to have, here’s another one which goes a level-up. Coprophilia is a sexual fetish where one derives sexual pleasure by the act of defecation. Yes, these people get aroused when they shit on someone or when someone shits on them.


6. Dendrophilia / Arbophilia

These people take the definition of ‘nature lover’ to another level. People with this sexual fetish are sexually attracted to trees. The level of attraction however varies, as some are attracted by the texture of trees while other see them as phallic symbols which arouse them.


7. Breath Play

This involves a near-to-death kind of sexual fetish. People with this sexual desire are aroused when there is a restriction of oxygen supply to their or their partner’s brain. They achieve a heightened orgasm when either they or their partner experience a shortness of breath or are out of breath.


8. Mechanophilia

Loving our gadgets is okay but would you be sexually attracted by them? Well, some people are. Mechanophilia is when people have a desire to be sexually engaged with machines like airplanes, cars, bicycles or even helicopters.


9. Macrophilia / Giantess Sex

While falling for someone irrespective of their body size is all cool, the people with the above sexual fetish actually desire to be with someone much larger than them. They are sexually aroused and attracted to people much larger than they themselves physically are.


10. Looners

Balloons are something for kids to play with, but looners feel they can be used creatively in the bedroom as well. These people find balloons to be sexually attractive. Some of them find ways to have sex with balloons and others drive sexual pleasure from the sight of their partners sitting on balloons, playing with them or simply popping them.


11. Hematolagnia

The picture of vampires has been made desirable thanks to Twilight and Vampire Dairies. But to actually be aroused by the idea of sucking someone’s blood is a very weird sexual fetish. That’s what hematolagnia is all about. People with this fetish have a sexual interest in blood or have a desire to drink their partner’s blood in a sensual manner.


12. Katoptronophilia

If you feel narcissism is vanity, then here is a level-up for those who love themselves too much. People with this fetish derive sexual satisfaction through mirrors. Often their orgasms are derived through stripping, having sex or masturbating in front of mirrors.


13. Emetophilia

Vomit is something most people find sickening or are disgusted by. And while it may actually end up making one sick, a certain kind of people are sexually aroused by the sight of vomit.


14. Necrozoophilia 

Another sight most of avert our eyes from or walk away from is that of a dead animal. But in Necrozoophilia people get sexually aroused when they see a dead animal.


15. Eproctophilia

We cover our noses with disgust when we smell a fart or when we realize someone around us has farted. That is not so with people who have eproctophilia. They not only like it when someone farts but are in fact sexually aroused when their partner farts.




Having fetishes like tying your partner with handcuffs or having sex in a public place suddenly seem normal and pale in comparison to these weirdest sexual fetishes.


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