21 Photos Of The Weirdest Fashion Ever Displayed On The Ramp

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10:00 am 30 Mar, 2016


Fashion can be beautiful but it can also be very weird. Whatever else you may say about bizarre fashion, it is often fun to look at. So, here are some runway looks that you probably wouldn’t like to wear but that are sure to entertain you.


1. The children of the corn – all grown up.

ghost ramp


2. Is that a model or a mannequin?


3. Shedding the spotlight. Literally.


4. Finally an outfit for bipolar people.


5. Goldilocks after she got out of the wolf.

Shibuya Hikarie on March 16, 2015 in Tokyo, Japan

6. That’s way too hot to handle.


7. Yargh!

stud crotch

8. When mothers buy bigger clothes for growing kids.

un fit

9. “Look Ma, I’m a model! Yes, that IS me!”


10. Pacman helmets might just catch on.

Giles Deacon Pacman

11. Is that a lock in his ear?

slit pants

12. Pink and covered in big stuffed toys.


13. Look at his expression. He’s like, “Why did I become a model!?”


14. I’d wear this while riding the metro.


15. The next time your friend gets drunk, don’t do this.

human backpacks

16. Yes, that is what it looks like.

namilia dicks

17. At least she won’t feel cold.


18. What if it starts raining when you’re wearing this?


19. Because nothing is sexier that ill health.

 Rajesh Pratap Singh

20. I had nightmares about creatures like this.

Patrick Mohr Furry

21. So who wants to join a secret society?


Picture sources: cosmopolitan, indianexpress, smashinglists, fashionperks



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