10 Weird Yet Interesting Interior Ideas That’ll Grab Your Attention

4:03 pm 28 Nov, 2018


Moving into a new home or redecorating an old one is always exciting. Everything from choosing the colors to go on the wall or the décor pieces is super fun. After all, as they say, a house is the reflection of one’s own personality. Now everyone’s idea of what their interior should be differs, naturally! Some prefer things to be subtle and straightforward. While for some others, going for weird yet interesting interior pieces is the mantra.

Well, we’ve compiled a list of  10 ideas for all those who are inclined towards the whacky and weird interior designs. Check out these weird yet interesting interior designs below:


1. Bicycle Bathroom Vanity:


Having a bicycle for a bathroom washbasin is definitely a weird yet interesting interior idea, right?



2. Gorilla Couch

I am not even sure if we can call this a couch, but still. This amazingly weird yet interesting interior design idea comes from activist, designer, and agitator Porky Hefer.



3. Shark Swing

This too is a creation from none other than Porky Hefer. Take note of the shark’s golden tooth!



4. Wine Bottle Holder

LOL! Do we even need to elaborate on the weirdness and the uniqueness of this wine bottle holder? Guess not!



5. Open Shaft Bathroom Floor

Can you even think about having an open shaft underneath your bathroom floor?



6. Forest Chandelier

Sometimes all it takes to convert a simple room into a forest is a chandelier. LOL!



7. Sandbox Workstation

As weird as it may look, who wouldn’t want to feel the beach sand underneath their toes when working. Won’t you?



8. Car Storage

Are you a car lover? If yes, then you will love this weird yet interesting interior idea.



9. Car Desk

Here’s some more wackiness for car lovers. Check out this ‘Mini’ desk, if you get the groove of where we are going.



10. Shark Pool Tile

Jump into the shark’s mouth every time you take a dip in the pool.




So, which of these weird yet interesting interior ideas did you like the most?

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