10 Weird Viral Social Media Trends On The Internet That Will Make You Say WTF

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8:30 am 18 Jul, 2018


Social media has become an addiction for one and all. Thanks to people spending most of their time over the internet, we have social media trends happening and changing every second and every minute. While some of the trends actually makes sense, others can very well be categorized as weird viral social media trends on internet.

People have become so addicted to platforms like Instagram and Twitter that when a new hashtag appears it goes viral and starts trending within minutes. Some of these social media trends are so weird that its hard to understand how they became so popular and went on to become viral too. Here is a look at top 10 of such weird social media trends that became viral.

1. Neknominate

The online drinking challenge which took weird turn after people started posting their videos while taking up the challenge in weird positions. One of the weirdest twist to the challenge included shoving one’s head in a commode after gulping down alcohol. Till today this remains one of the most weird social media trends on the internet with #nekonominate having over 12000 posts on Instagram and Twitter.



2. Holding A Coke Bottle

Following the Ice Bucket Challenge, a new kind of challenge to raise awareness about breast cancer started. This one was called #HoldACokeBottleWithYourBoobs challenge and got trending over Instagram, Twitter and other social media platforms within a few hours.



3. Glow In The Dark Hair

This was one of the weirdest beauty trend which became viral all over the world. Thanks to this weird viral social media trends on internet we saw our Instagram and Twitter accounts flooded with girls showing off colorful hair in dark rooms with #glowinthedarkhair hashtags.



4. Fire Challenge

This one was not only weird viral social media trend on the internet but a dangerous one too. In this if you are willing to take up the challenge you set your body on fire after applying flammable liquids to your body and then post the video on social media. Shared with the hashtag #firechallenge it became a rage trending on Instagram and Twitter.



5. Matchy Manicures

When it comes to beauty, Instagram is a place where most women get their tips and styling from. In this platform too many weird viral social trends on internet have started one of which is the ‘matchy’ manicures trend. In here, females posted their manicured and nail painted fingers which matched the background design and colors. Surprisingly, #mathcymanicures is still trending on Instagram and Twitter.



6. Planking

Many fitness challenges have gone on to become viral on the internet. The #plankingchallenge was one of the most trending one but it soon became one of the most weird viral social media trends on internet because people posted videos of planking in weirdest and unexpected positions and places.



7. Squiggle Makeup

This was another beauty trend which became viral on the internet with #squigglemakeup trending on Instagram and Twitter for many days.



8. Harlem Shake

The Harlem Shake became a trending thing on social media with #harlemshake and people recording themselves to the tune of the song. It was indeed one of the most weird viral social media trends on the internet with people doing the Harlem Shake anywhere and everywhere.



9. The Dress

The entire world got obsessed over the colour of a dress. The reason being that some people saw it as white and golden while some saw it as black and purple! The debate over ‘the dress’ with hashtag #thedress was one of the most weird viral social media trends on internet.



10. Glitter Tongue

Being loud with your makeup is one thing but being so loud that you glitter for attention is what this weird viral social media trend on internet started. People applied make up, that too glittery ones on their tongues with #glittertongue trending all over social media.