20 Extremely Strange And Weird Smelling Perfumes That Exist In The World

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10:00 am 7 Jun, 2015

So do you desire to wear a fragrance that would smell like utterly buttery crunchy popcorn, or do you want to smell like a lobster? Choice is yours! Yes, many of us desire to wear weird fragrances, may be due to our crazy passion or to attract people around.

And this post brings tells you that such weird fragrances actually exist in this world.

1. Popcorn smell.

A perfume from Demeter has introduced a fragrance that has salty, buttery and crunchy smell of popcorn. So now you can wear it all and go for movie, isn’t it?


2. Paint perfume.

So did you ever think of getting yourself painted? Now, you can paint yourself with the help of a perfume. “Wode” is the first visible perfume which is cobalt blue in colour. The moment you spray this on your body, it will turn your skin and clothes blue in colour which obviously fades away after some time.


3. Tobacco.

So are you a gig who loves smoking tobacco? Now, you can increase the thirst of consuming tobacco just by wearing a perfume which smells exactly like a good pipe. Demeter has a variety of Tobacco smelling perfumes with them.


4. Body fluid.

Etat libre d’Orange is a French company which have introduced the world with a perfume which would smell something like blood, sweat, saliva and even sperm.


5. Lobsters.

I’m sure no one would love to smell like a lobster but Demeter offers a variety of lobster smelling fragrances with a blend of raw meat, sea water and butter.


6. Paper.

Someone who is a writer would love to wear a perfume that would smell like freshly heaped papers and ink. Paper passion by Steidl would smell something like that.


7. Vagina.

Vulva is a perfume which has a vaginal odour in it. It specifies itself as “Not being perfume”. You may wonder who would love to wear vaginal odour smell, but you will be amazed to know that every year Vulva sells more than 1000 pieces of this perfume.


8. Horse lovers.

This is something strange and weird, but, yes, you have perfumes available that would smell something like hay, horse and oats.


9. Rotten vegetables.

Do you need any explanation here? Weird green pepper by Odette smells like something has completely got rotten and needs to be trashed right now.


10. Garage smell.

‘Comme des garcon’ definitely cares for bike and car lovers. It has introduced a fragrance which would smell like kerosene, petrol, leather, various aldehydes and garage.


11. Funeral smell

Demeter’s fragrance library smells like a funeral all around. The perfume is a blend of many flowers and things used at the time of funeral of a person.


12. Mother Earth

Something smelling like mud, fresh grasses and wet gardens would be really good. Demeter cares for nature lovers and has included this in the list too.


13. Coffee

Demeter’s coffee espresso is idol for coffee lovers and now you can smell like coffee too. Many of us would love to have this refreshing perfume soon.


14. Fire

Fireplace from Demeter smells exactly like a fire place and if you wear lot of perfume tonight, people would surely panic and associate something is catching fire at a very close distance.


15. Cheese

Stilton cheese perfume is a wearable perfume with a smell of blue cheese and fruit aroma in it. If eating cheese is not enough for you, you can wear it too.


16. Smells like Circus

L’Artisan Perfumer has launched a perfume that would smell like apples, little fruity flavour, sweaty artist, elephants and beautiful girls there.


 17. Cannabis

Cannabis Santal Eau de Perfume captures the raw sensuality of cannabis. I do not need to explain more, and you can think how it would smell exactly, Am I right?


18. Burger King

So do you desire to be eaten alive? If yes, wear the burger king body spray, it smells like raw meat and a hint of flame. Ideal of whom? Burger king lovers.


19. Smell like your own DNA

There are no chances that two different person can smell same. It is their DNA which makes the body smell in a different way. The company aims to provide different perfume according to your DNA and has also launched celebs perfumes including Marilyn Monroe and Barak Obama.


20. Apple laptop

Apple lovers are all around the world so the company thought to produce a fragrance that would smell like the plastic cover of it, the box, the wrapping and off course the aluminium laptop.



Aren’t all the perfumes strange? What would you like to wear all the day long?


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