Weird S*x Facts That Are Odd And Interesting AF!

6:16 pm 20 Nov, 2018

We all are well aware of the fact that India is a nation that is plagued by the thought – sex is bad. Yes, a super tabooed subject that is often seen in a dirty way. Thankfully, not everyone in the younger generation possesses such rigid thoughts about the subject of sex. On the contrary, they acknowledge the fact that sex is a beautiful thing and a necessity for a happy relationship. Keeping aside the view of society on sex, today let us explore the weird sex facts that might surprise you or strike you as odd. However, if you are a member of this new-age generation then you will certainly find them to be absolutely interesting.


1. ‘V’ is not always the answer



Studies suggest that there are about 1% of women who can reach the stage of full orgasm just through stimulations of their breasts.


2. Sex is the answer to a migraine



When we talk about weird sex facts then this point certainly deserves a mention. It is observed that women who are prone to migraines also like to have sex more. The reason? It is said that orgasm can help in easing the pain of a migraine.


3. Masturbation is good



Not weird but a fact that can certainly help in making your life a little better. Researches have shown that masturbation helps in reducing depression. During orgasm, your body releases hormones that put your mind at ease. In case you want to know more, then here is some info on water masturbation.


4. The sexy voice is a truth



You know what science says? Women have the ability to change the tone of their voice and make it sound ‘sexier’. It seems that the change in voice actually entices the men and stimulates their physical pleasure. Sadly, men don’t have any such special power of voice.


5. Chocolate or pumpkin?



It is no secret that chocolate actually helps in arousing the sexual feelings. However, it’s not the only food item at work! Turns out; the smell of the pumpkin can actually increase the blood flow to the penis. How does that help? Well, that encourages erection for a longer time.


6. The love for oral



Think humans are the sole owner of the pleasure from oral sex? You can’t be more wrong. Apparently, wolves, bats, and beers participate in this sexual act quite often.


7. Most pleasurable exercise



Have you always heard that sex burns calories? Well, it is true! Men can burn between 100 to 200 calories. For women, the number is not more than 69.


8. Your nose reacts too!



Turns out that due to an increased flow of blood the inner walls of the nose decides to swell. The other parts are breasts and genitals.


9. Who gets it more?



Men or women, who have sex more? According to a report published by a leading Men’s magazine, the number of women getting sex is 17% more than that of men. Ladies must be happy to have this as one of the weird sex facts.


10. Sex makes you less dirty



Well, not literally! Research has shown that when aroused, humans consider many things as non-disgusting which otherwise would surely put them off.


11. The true intentions for vibrator and Viagra



Invented in the 19th century, the vibrators were originally meant to treat hysteria. Viagra, on the other hand, was discovered as a cardiovascular drug to help in lowering blood pressure. Ironical! However, we are glad that both of them found new uses.


Do you have any weird sex facts to add? We are eager to hear from you! Our comments section is waiting for your answer.