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13 Weird Phobias People Don’t Know About

Updated on 10 July, 2016 at 11:08 am By

You know what a phobia is, right? We all experience random fears over certain things. Common phobias and fears include closed-in places, heights, highway driving, flying insects, snakes, and needles. But there are many phobias we aren’t aware of.



1. Sesquipedalophobia

It is alternatively called Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia. Sesquipedalophobia is a branch of logophobia, that is the fear of long words. A person suffering from this phobia is called sesquipedal(i)ophobic. The term derives from sesquipedalian, which is a long word or a person who uses long words.


2. Barophobia

Barophobia is an irrational and overwhelming fear of gravity. Two types of Barophobia exists, one where they fear that they will be crushed by the gravitational pull when it becomes too great; and two,they fear that gravity will simply disappear and they will float away.


3. Venustraphobia

This one is really weird. Some guys or men feel intense fear when a beautiful woman is around them. This results in poor social performance with women which leads to further intensifying of the Venustraphobia. This phobia is all about the fear of beautiful women.



4. Deipnophobia

Deipnophobia is considered to be a social phobia. It is the fear of dining, dinner conversations or carrying on a conversation while eating. People with this phobia tend to eat alone, in silence and when dining with others, expect them to eat in silence. The origin of the word ‘deipno’ is Greek (meaning dining or dinner) and ‘phobia’ is Greek (meaning fear).


5. Didaskaleinophobia

Waking up early morning and going to school, most of us must have experienced this fear. This fear is not some random fear, it’s a phobia known as Didaskaleinophobia. In this kind of phobia children can feel very isolated, scared, sad, depressed, and physically ill when they are asked to go to school.


6. Anthophobia

Anthophobia is an intense fear of flowers that pose little or no actual danger. While flowers might seem a strange thing to fear for non-sufferers, part of being diagnosed with a phobia is that the fear is irrational and persistent. Though sufferers realize that they truthfully are under no threat from flowers, they cannot shake the phobia.


7. Heliophobia

Individuals who suffer from Heliophobia often present an exaggerated or irrational fear of sunlight or increased sensitivity to sunlight. For most individuals who suffer from Heliphobia, the thought of going out in the sun is enough to bring on feelings of anxiety and panic. Not only are people with heliophobia afraid of the sun, but they may be scared of bright lights as well.


8. Domatophobia

Domatophobia is the fear of houses or being in a house. The origin of the word ‘domato’ is Greek (meaning house). Domatophobia is a form of claustrophobia (fear of confined spaces). Domatophobia is related to ecophobia, eicophobia, oecophobia, oikophobia, oikiophobia (which all mean fear of houses, being in a house, home surroundings and certain items in a house),and nostophobia (fear of returning home).


9. Aurophobia

I am sure no woman will ever suffer from such phobia. Aurophobia is the fear of gold. People who have this fear may dislike gold because of its appearance or what is represents, such as power or death. The origin of the word ‘auro’ is Latin (meaning gold).


10. Mageirocophobia

This phobia signifies a fear of cooking. Mageirocophobia includes people who are legitimately, deathly afraid of cooking. It is possible to have a legitimate fear of cooking, and these people have it. This also involves several types of cooking, from using boiling water on a stove top to baking in the oven.


11. Sitophobia

Having the fear of eating is known as Sitophobia. Persons with this phobia will only eat enough to sustain themselves and may not find eating pleasurable and satisfying but rather as something that can make them sick and make them fat. They will avoid beef because of the fat present in animal meat, are obsessive with expiration dates, and are very picky with the food that they will consume.


12. Rhypophobia

Fear of painful bowel movements or bowel movement is called Rhypophobia or defecaloesiophobia and it can be due to a painful and traumatic experience in the past like having really hard stools that had to be manually extracted by a physician, or having really hard stools that caused your rectum to bleed. This is traumatic for any person and this can trigger the phobia.


13. Nomatophobia

When a person fears names they suffer from Nomatophobia. The phobia is expressed when fear is attributed to the individual bearing the name. The fear can be so profound that simply saying the name would invoke multiple symptoms of the fear.




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