14 Of The Weirdest Pet Laws From Around The World

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12:00 pm 12 Feb, 2016

A pet can mean a lot to a person and hence there are various pet laws to ensure the safety of these furry beings. While most of the laws ensure the safety of pets, there are some ridiculous laws introduced for these furry friends of ours! So, have a look at some of them:


1. According to a pet law in Barber, North Carolina, it is against the law for cats and dogs to fight together.


2. You are not supposed to tie your dog to the roof of a car in Anchorage, Alaska.


3. Well, the hard truth is that it is illegal to educate your dog in Hartford, Connecticut.


4. According to a pet law in Italy, owners of dogs are mandated to take them for a walk at least 3 times a day.


5. If you want to own a dog in Switzerland, you must pass an oral and a written exam first.


6. According to a law in Australia, you can name an animal only if you plan to nurture it and keep it as a pet.

If you are planning to eat it, you cannot name it.


7. It is against the law for a dog to bark for more than 15 minutes in North Brook, Illinois.

We’re not sure what would happen if a dog barks for 10 minutes and starts back again after some time.


8. If you make funny faces at dogs in Oklahoma, you might be fined or jailed for it.


9. If you live in France, you are not allowed to name your dog ‘Napoleon’.

This is out of respect for French emperor, Napoleon Bonaparte.


10. If you own a dog and stay in Saudi Arabia, you should know that it is against the law to walk a dog.

If you are traveling into Saudi Arabia, note that only guard, hunting, and service dogs are permitted.


11. According to a law passed in Italy in 2005, it is illegal to keep a goldfish as a pet.

Keeping goldfish in bowls was declared as cruelty in Italy.

12. According to a weird pet law in Palding, Ohio, any police officer is allowed to bite a dog to calm him down.


13. If you’re planning to take your dogs to Mexico, you should know that only 2 dogs can be brought into the country.

14. In London, it is illegal for a city cab to carry a rabid dog.


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