This Japanese Game Show Of Waking Up Beautiful And Hot Girls Will Make You Say WTF Continuously

11:34 am 10 Apr, 2018

Japan is famous for producing some of the weirdest game shows across the globe. They easily air those shows that would never have seen a green light in other countries. With its out-of-this-world-plots, Japan has again come up with such a show that will leave you speechless, not in a good way!




This show involves two guys dressed in a funny way; they are also the judges. The whole concept of the show is waking up hot girls who are sleeping on the floor.



It’s obvious that the girls are pretending to be asleep and the job of the guys is to wake them up by any means possible.The girls are the contestants who are judged on the ‘cuteness’ of their waking up.


For those, who don’t make the cut, the guys will slap a plate filled with icing on their face.



In process of waking up, the guys try different things that easily enter the zone of sexual harassment, but not when it’s a Japanese show.



In order to wake up the girls, one of the guys rips off their shirts and also tries to “hump” them.



Think we are kidding? Here’s is a clip from the weird game show:



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